Busy day at the public library today, actually I love the busy-ness. In between all the phone calls, check-outs, returns, and questions I had a service recovery moment. This involved an anxious patron with one of those impersonal and intimidating lost book notifications in hand and a misshelved book in the library. Alas, human error happens. I think the poor patron was so relieved that he didn’t have to pay that he failed to be upset at the error. I just tried to sweeten the situation so that righteous indignation wouldn’t settle in later. And I knew where he was coming from based on my own experiences. As Bob Farrell says, “Give ’em the pickle!” Seriously, it’s a good principle, I’ve found that something small and positive like a free fine card (along with prompt problem resolution) can make a difference in user perception of library services. If it’s possible and within reason, give a little extra.


Hello Sunshine!

It’s been so cloudy in upstate New York for the past several days that I feel as if I should be growing mold. Today the sun finally decided to peep out, and I hope that he will be bold enough to stay for the duration of the weekend, he will be much appreciated by all and sundry.  It doesn’t seem like summer without that glowing feeling, and July 4th especially should be allotted some fiery glory. Yay! Happy Independence Day! Happy Sunshine! A fitting day to embark on a new blog.